Terms we own: Advanced Feedstocks

31 January 2023

After our short blog about Sustainable Fuel and Renewables, the term Advanced Feedstock is the one to fulfill this trinity of Terms We Own. Everything we do at Connex bridging the gap between both ends of the sustainable fuel supply chain, we do to secure a brighter future for everyone. In a sense, advanced feedstocks bridge a gap towards the future of fuel.

Sources like sludge, bagasse, algae, and brown liquor, are less known renewables and still used less often than the common UCO (Used Cooking Oil) and animal fats. In quantity and quality, they form a bit of a challenge still, but these feedstocks are increasingly interesting for the production of biofuel. At Connex, we make it our business to get these feedstocks on the wish list at refineries. There is so much more waste to be used in our energizing mission

Algae, sludge and such as sustainable feedstocks have two main environmental advantages. Not only it contains renewable waste and organic material for the production of biofuel, in doing so this contributes to further cleaning up the possible pollution it may cause when leaving it untouched in our environment.

Not all Advanced Feedstocks may be the most available and economically yielding sources for production of sustainable fuel yet. But very promising and potent they surely are. So, it is absolutely a worthwhile effort in creating green value, we wouldn’t be sourcing and trading these feedstocks, if they weren’t. Additionally, with availability we also create opportunity in speeding up research, improving usability and profitability of these less known sustainable sources. It’s about time Advanced Feedstocks becomes as a term not only we own.

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