Terms we own: Green Value

3 March 2023

The validation of everything we do here at Connex lies in the green value that is produced. Green value is the market value that arises by avoiding greenhouse emissions, inducing carbon reduction and other added positive benefits in our way of speeding up the energy transition. We search, add and deliver green value.

In the triple S service Connex offers – supply, service and (delivering) sustainability – we make sure green value is a constant and vast factor in every step we undertake for our clients and suppliers. Speeding up the energy transition by making business of renewable feedstock for sustainable fuel, green value is a standard ingredient.

The main point where we as Connex add green value in the supply chain is in sustainability. Green value is added in the right certification. So all shipments we collect, move, and deliver are certified sustainable. The right way, with care, knowledge and speed. We know our way in international governance and legislation and are accredited to deliver all necessary sustainability documents. And it is in everyone’s best interest we do so. There are no shortcuts on green value. Not in the least for a bright and energetic future in which green value becomes a term we all own by simply stepping out the door and looking at the world around us.

Green value is not just a term we own. Green value is a term we love and a firm condition we deliver passionately.

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