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Everything we do at Connex is aimed at sustainability, climate and future-proof results of our commitment to the energy transition. To ensure that outcome, Connex adds green value everywhere in the chain, especially in certification of quality feedstocks.

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Our Renewables

Animal fat

Animal Fat CAT.1

Animal Fats CAT. 1 is veterinarian material unsafe for any kind of consumption, great for biofuel. When purified these (CAT.1) fats are good for the production of green FAME.

Animal Fat CAT.1 refined

The same raw material of animal origin, too high in metals and impurities to use instantly, but when purified and rightfully refined, it can be the perfect green particle of the (close to) green HVO.

Animal Fat CAT.2

Category 2 animal fats are intermediate risk material suitable for technical or chemical use as fertilizer and greaser. Purified it becomes clean and suitable for the production of green biofuel.

Animal Fat CAT.3

As a byproduct of veterinarian waste streams CAT.3 fats can be rendered and processed further into feed, or technical and oleochemical grade fats and products. In our hands it becomes high quality feedstock for biofuel.

Fatty Acids

Depending on its origins Fatty Acids can be the product of the physical refining by distillation of veterinarian residues or vegetable oils. Different sources, yet both Fatty Acids.

Food Waste Fat

These fatties are extracted from food and consumption residues. Fats extracted from leftovers need a few extra transformational steps to be used as a green valued feedstock, but it is not wasted.


Palm Oil Methyl Esters are waste and residue from the production of palm oil. Collected and processed into a renewable feedstock, this POME is a biofuel exclusive.

Sewage sludge

Sewage sludge is a typical advanced feedstock. Fats, often wastewater from kitchens and such are quite easily extracted in the wastewater treatment, but unfortunately this takes a lot of handling.

Soapstock Acid Oil

A residue from the neutralization of crude vegetable oil, from rapeseed, soybean, or sunflower. The separation leaves a weakly acidic solution of phospholipids, water-soluble fats, oil, and acid residues.


Used Cooking Oil is an enormous global waste stream from restaurants, fast-food brands and food processing companies. Purified and processed UCO can be converted into a high quality renewable fuels such as FAME, HVO and SA.

Your renewable not in the list but curious how we can help you, contact us.

Finding and binding renewables

At Connex, we don’t waste anything. Renewable feedstocks from waste and residues are a big part of the solution for immediate emission reduction, positive effects on our environment, limiting climate change and other contributions to our future. As a trader and enabler between the feedstock and oil markets we focus on the right sustainable resources like Animal Fats, Used Cooking Oil, Fatty Acids, Palm Oil Mill Effluent (POME), Sludge and more. One by one sustainable feedstock for production of renewable fuel when handled under the right conditions and in the right quality and under strict control

Connex brings the right suppliers together with the refineries to deliver the best quality renewable product to produce the utmost quality renewable fuel, adding green value along the way.

How do we get quantity

Connex speaks

“Accuracy and legislation are at the heart of my work in the Logistics Team at Connex. Together with the transparent way we manage and control our sustainable business, you can actually track our contribution to the future of fuel every step of the way.”

Victoria Postica
Operations Executive

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