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Connex energizes the future of fuel by speeding up the energy transition. At Connex, we build the bridges between the markets to create a sustainable supply chain, and aim for value-added partnership. We offer sustainable services on three levels. We supply, support, and control sustainability.

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We collect, transport, and trade renewable feedstocks globally. We know where to find suitable renewable waste and residue for any customer, the right green molecule based on the origin of the biofuel production process. We focus on waste and residues governed by waste and veterinary legislation; advanced feedstocks like Food Waste Fats, waste and residues like Animal Fats CAT.1 & 2 and UCO, other feedstocks like Animal Fats CAT.3 and different (technical) crop-based oils.

We deliver these products to producers of renewable fuels focused on road transport, marine and aviation, like FAME, Co-processing, HEFA and SAF, or to manufacturers on other markets like oleochemical and biobased packaging. We supply to keep renewables flowing and bring clients together along the supply chain.


Connex offers operational services like sampling, blending, cleaning and market research, adding green value with every step. Not only do we know where to find the highest quality feedstock, but we also conduct our quality control on every drop of renewable waste and residues we trade.

We offer logistics services by truck, train, barges and ships. Focused on quantity we aggregate the products in our tanks at Koole Amsterdam solving the mismatch from 25 à 5,000mt. And to ensure optimal quality and green value we sample and double-check the product, blend it into our customers’ preferences and we optimize the blend to create maximum value for the feedstock suppliers. In this way Connex can always meet all demands in quality and quantity.


We control and deliver sustainability with transparency, governance, legislation, and certification throughout the supply chain. We believe a sustainable supply chain is based on transparency and close collaboration. Openness, internal and external audits and controls are part of the package.

Connex is ISCC EU and INS certified, accredited to deliver all necessary sustainability documents. We also actively participate with agency’s like the Dutch Emission Authority and RVO and contribute in market groups like MVO, NOFOTA and EWABA. Our team adds green value with every possible step, connecting all dots, means, and documents to get the best, high-quality delivery and supply. Always.

A strong connection with our suppliers


Deliver flexibility and solutions

Connex is an independent partner with an unpickable reputation and network, ready to create new product pathways, always transparent in communications and execution.

Reliable experienced team

Connex is a highly experienced, internationally rooted team of energizers, blending knowledge, quality and technology in our consultancy, logistics, sourcing and trading.
Connex compliance

100% compliance without compromise

We cooperate closely with suppliers and the industry on documentation, using innovative solutions to comply with legislation. Guaranteeing no shortcuts on sustainability.


We know our clients and are very supportive to their business, unlocking every market’s potential with a focus on quality, quantity, flexibility of supply chains and sustainability.

Connex speaks

“With amazing leadership and a set goal, Connex is the place where client and colleague alike can meet, grow and be able to speed up the process in the renewable energy market.”

Ferri Rietkerk
Logistic Expert

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