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Everything we do at Connex is aimed at sustainability, climate and future-proof results of our commitment to the energy transition. To ensure that outcome, Connex adds green value everywhere in the chain, especially in the certification of quality feedstocks.

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Connex delivers sustainability through transparency on product, counterparty and key variables like transport and processing emissions. To every waste stream we collect, move, and deliver we add our Green Value, ensuring that the end-product has maximal emission saving qualities and all the official ICSS certified documents supporting it.
mt CO2eq saving
in 2023
cars on the road
is equal to that
CO2 saving expected
in 2024
energizers working on our mission

Connex Explains

Connex delivers sustainabilty and renewables

Connex offers sustainability

There are no shortcuts on Green Value. We stand for it. Speeding up the energy transition can only be reached by making sure everything we do – all shipments we collect, move, and deliver – are certified sustainable. And it is in everyone’s best interest we do so. We know our way in international governance and legislation and are ISCC accredited to deliver all necessary sustainability documents.

Sustainability in trade also means knowing your clients and partners and sharing visions. Transparent information, documentation, and communication is essential to create sustainable partnerships. Together we can build a sustainable supply chain to energize the future of fuel.

Connex speaks

“To build the kind of world we all deserve requires many solutions and different ways of getting there. Connex does its part by connecting waste and the energy transition.”

Fortunate Malago
Sustainability Expert

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