Terms we own: Sustainable Fuel

Everything we do at Connex we do to speed up the worldwide energy transition. That is our aim. To enable this, we strongly believe in the power of reusables like Animal Fats and Used Cooking Oil for the production of sustainable fuel. Thus, sustainable fuel is definitely one of the terms we own.

Sustainable fuel is quite a broad concept. There are quite a number of sustainable fuels, depending on the source and the use. In general, sustainable fuels are a blend of some kind of sustainable source or feedstock and any known fossil fuel. This carefully produced mixture is called a drop-in fuel, meaning it can be used directly as a combustible in already existing engines, like those in your car, boat or plane. Our main definition would be sustainable fuel in the form of liquid fuel like bio diesel, produced with renewables such as Animal Fats, Used Cooking Oil, Fatty Acids, Glycerine, Brown Grease and POME.

Because of the mixture with these renewable feedstocks, the use of sustainable fuel reduces carbon emission. It recycles CO2 instead of producing new carbon. Of course, the more good quality sustainable fuel we help to produce, the less pure fossil fuel is needed, which adds to a variety of economical and environmental advantages next to serious reduction of climate changing effects. Contributing heavily on a healthier, greener and brighter future for everyone. That is why we bring clients together along the renewable supply chain every day. We own sustainable fuel, with it Connex energizes the future.

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