Connecting with Connex at EFPRA

10 June 2024

This June our capital Amsterdam is the stage for the 22nd EFPRA Congres, the annual meeting of the European Fat Processors and Renderers Association. A meeting Connex is very keen on to be a part of. Even though we are not part of the EFPRA ourselves, our (potential) suppliers of quality renewable feedstock are. And it is exiting to discuss the possibilities for any sustainable business, especially in our own Dutch backyard. Off course we are always moving forward on our net zero mission and very willing to meet likeminded people around the globe to team up with to develop new initiatives that enable us to work on our sustainable mission even faster.

Connex connects renewable feedstocks with renewable fuel

Why is that so important to us, you ask? As a participant in a congress like EFPRA you gather loads of information, international insights, industry updates and shake lots of hands. Mostly on one side of the supply chain at a time. At Connex we build bridges between markets and industries. We are at the heart of a sustainable supply chain, knowing all markets and offering transparency in all relevant data to everyone involved. Creating ways with innovative solutions to speed up the energy transition.

We believe the base for any reliable supply chain lays in data. Data about the product, about quality, quantity, contracts, delivery, the markets, data on the highly fluctuating prices of feedstock and fuel, on logistics, test results, legislation, and sustainability. We are constantly fed by data and growingly depended on it.

Putting all possible data to use

At Connex, we make it our business to offer, clarify and put all this data to use from supplier to client. With insights from our innovative Price Reports, Data Warehouse, and our own Sustainability App. These applications will be followed soon by a Quality App and a fully integrated Client Portal for 24/7 data on all transfers, output, sustainability returns, insights, and reports. Transparency brings green value for all of us.

In this way we service, supply and control sustainability for you, your renewable products, and a greener future of fuel. It may seem quite a strong statement but connecting with Connex as an active part of our valued supply chain levels up your renewable, sustainable product. Be it fuel or feedstock; we bridge the gap between the markets. Pleased to meet you!

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