Connex for the future

5 June 2024

Connex was founded in 2020 by Bram van Santen, Ralph Brands, and Fabian Leeman. Three experienced specialists in the international world of renewables and fuels, who strongly felt the energy transition needs to speed up to get greener, cleaner, and leaner sooner. With their entrepreneurial spirit at full speed, in a few years’ time Connex grew a factor 10, from three to 30 FTE. Together they managed to save 530,962.22 mt CO2eq in ‘23 alone.

Bram: “This calls for some celebratory changes; a new way of presenting ourselves to everyone passionate about the energy transition. With our business we took a dive into the future of fuel, and we grew straight into it. Now we have got the corporate identity design to match the futureproof growth, goals and achievements.”

So, what’s new?

As you can see, we restyled our Connex logo. With connections in the start, going forward in the end and a drop of renewable biofuel in the middle. A little more in-your-face we think, curious what do you think of it.

Furthermore we took the corporate coloring a bit further, giving us a tightened and more mature look. With more energy radiating from it. And you’ll come across the ‘max yellow’ circle, showing you the golden state of the supply chain we are maintaining and growing proudly. Click through this website to see effects in full.

On the same mission still, we altered our pay-off into a slightly longer more explanatory one: Connex, we energize the future … by connecting renewable feedstocks to sustainable fuel. This, and the new logo even brings us closer in line with the message and identity of our biogas and green energy brothers of conNRG.

The Connex team at the forefront

As proud as we are of our rapidly evolving data-driven focus, we put our team of energizers at the forefront of our new corporate style and communications. We are on this net zero mission together, and it shows.

You will notice that although we’ve combed our corporate hairdo, we are still the same energizing partner. Our mission is sustainability, for a brighter and greener future for all of us. The energy we put into it as a team and the impact we already make on the energy transition, keeps us very positive about energizing the future by connecting renewable feedstocks to sustainable fuel.

Keep following us online (or start now) for more energetic work. You are very welcome to join our mission.

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