Terms we own: ESG

24 June 2024

In 2021, the European Commission adopted the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) to ensure that investors and other stakeholders have access to the information they need to assess the impact of companies on people and the environment. Companies are asked to provide information about 1) the resilience of their business model and strategy against sustainability risks, 2) its compatibility with the transition to a sustainable economy (the Paris Agreement), and 3) how this is taking into account the interests of stakeholders. The information provided addresses not only the short‐term vision but also the medium and long‐term horizon. Now, we do not want you to stumble on all kinds of abbreviations here, but this legislation is built on ESG. A typical term we own.

Environmental, Social and Governance

ESG stands for environmental, social, and governance. These are the three main topics that companies are expected to report on. The goal is to capture all non-financial risks and opportunities inherent in a company’s day-to-day activities based on ESG. Connex needs to report on these sustainability topics from 2026 onwards. Today, Connex is making a head start on the reports.

Analysis and impact

Sustainability is more than compliance for Connex; it is core to our business. When done right, ESG KPIs provide an excellent oversight of the sustainability of Connex’s services and Connex’s sustainability performance as a whole. At Connex, we are now piloting sustainability reporting earlier than strictly (legally) necessary. By starting early, we uncovered relevant sustainability indicators and used these findings to gain highly useful insights. This proactive approach allows us to set new goals, learn from past flaws, and streamline objectives. Our sustainability data is relevant for all clients who need Connex’s input for their own sustainability reports.

Inspiring insights

By proactively incorporating sustainability metrics, Connex enhances its reputation and competitive edge and contributes positively to global environmental and social goals. This commitment to sustainability helps foster long-term relationships with stakeholders and ensures compliance with evolving regulations, ultimately driving sustainable growth and resilience in the marketplace. We want to inspire our partners within our value chain to have a more significant impact on common environmental, social, or governance goals.

The Future of Green Value

Our Sustainability Team of five employees is currently working to implement our sustainability efforts to make these insights work for you. In the future, we aim to provide all sustainability data and insights in a Client ESG report to each company we service or supply.

This ESG report can be viewed as a form of Green Value brought to you in black-and-white digits and words. It is intended to deliver transparency in sustainability, subsequently speeding up the energy transition together even faster.

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