Terms We Own: CAT 1-2-3

Animal Fats. We know, it does not really sound very fancy, but the fact is: this rendered animal byproduct can be put to use bigtime as a green and high-quality reusable ingredient for biofuel. And most importantly, especially on the CAT.1 material Connex is one of very few that can also deliver considerable quantities. Quite unique. Let’s explain why Animal Fats is one of those ‘Terms We Own’.

Three fat cats

Animal Fats are a typical byproduct of animal waste streams. Materials of animal origin that people do not consume. The residues we work with as suitable renewable feedstocks are animal byproducts, processed by rendering companies. These specialized parties process all parts of slaughtered animals that are not edible, not placed on the market as food, or fallen stock that have not even made it that far. Raw material like skin, bones, horn and hooves, blood, fat, and offal. Especially the fats have our sustainable attention. A big part of this material is potentially usable residue, but the origin legally dictates which materials to use to what purpose. That is why animal byproducts are sorted into three categories:

Category 1 is the highest risk material unsafe for any kind of consumption but great for biofuel. Its use is strictly controlled. They must be disposed of through incineration or rendering followed by incineration. The rendered fats can be used for certain purposes such as biofuel under specific conditions ensuring that the rendering process eliminates any disease risks.

Category 2 is intermediate risk material. These fats can be used for specified purposes such as fuel in combustion plants, provided that the processing methods approved by EU legislation are adhered to ensure the destruction of any potential pathogens. Then also use in fertilizers or as greaser is an option.

Category 3 is considered low risk, rendered and processed permitted for use in pet food production, feed of fur animals, in oleochemistry and for technical uses, provided they are processed according to EU standards.

From byproduct to bio-part

Animal fats are the product of a process called rendering. In simple terms, rendering means sterilizing the raw material and then cooking (drying) to evaporate water, and after separation into fat and protein part. To purify (clean) fat part, machines like decanters and centrifuges used to remove solids and water. Purified these (CAT.1) fats are good to produce FAME, when further refined CAT.1 can even be the green valued part of the (close to) 100% green HVO.

Connex delivers

In Europe there are only few refineries specialized enough to process the CAT.1 Animal Fats. At Connex we know the right suppliers and the right route to get high quantity high quality CAT.1 to work with. And we are proud of that, because with it we speed up the energy transition in the utmost sustainable way, not wasting anything.

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