Terms we own: Fun

Not all ‘Terms we own’ are part of a lexicon of trading and legislative jargon. That would be dull. And dull does not exist at Connex, let alone in our way of working. On the contrary: we put the FUN in speeding up the energy transition. For years now, Connex has been recruiting new energizers under the motto: ‘energize the future and have fun doing so’. Successfully so.

Not because it sounds enthusiastic and nice – we’re not tacky – but because we truly believe that having fun is an essential factor in good teamwork, endurable partnerships and keeping up one’s spirit in our line of business. A fairly cold and straightforward business aimed at a heartfelt, environmental mission where squarely managed trading, big money, legislation, and deadlines meet with a constant stream of variables and often soft skill communication.

Match Day & much more
‘Work hard, play hard’ seems to be the standard choice of words for this. But there’s no such thing as ‘standard’ at Connex. So, we do things our way. Like Match Day: our unconventional job interview when we invite all selected applicants together for an informal and inspiring afternoon of introductions, short interviews, team assessments, drinks, and fun. The best mutual match gets the job. And we also keep things light when it comes to communication on daily basis. We have an average of 28 jokes a week and all energizers (will) become skilled table-football players within days.

Personal growth & empowerment
Keeping in a fun factor also means we mean serious business without taking ourselves too seriously all day. We want passionate, sociable people to inherit a cleaner, greener world. Not dogged people running and working their fingers to the bone. Therefore we facilitate as much of our teams wishes for personal growth and empowerment. And with an eye on a healthy work life balance, we have a four day working week in summer.

Fun works, join in!
Fun works for us. Connex is constantly growing and scaling up in business and staff. And with each new energizer in our team, we effectively add more green and social value to our team. And yes, we work hard to match your needs for quality and quantity feedstock. Contributing to a much greener, emissionless future of fuel smiling every step along the way. Join the fun!

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