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Our Purpose

At Connex, we don't waste anything. Ever.

We source, trade, consult and channel the reuse of waste and residues into sustainable fuel, energy, and products. We speed up the energy transition by bridging the gap between feedstock and our clients’ needs.

Connex is a renewable feedstock trading company with high-level (Tripple S) service. The call for a sustainable energy transition loudens in a world where fuel consumption keeps growing. The potential of renewable feedstock has already proven itself. It is our business to find the right, reliable source and to deliver solutions that help you reduce the carbon footprint. We bring parties together along the supply chain. We supply, service, and deliver sustainability. Connex effectively speeds up the energy transition by bridging the gap between the markets.

Connex combines years of experience in sourcing and trading both feedstocks and end-products. Our directors, Bram, Ralph, and Fabian, have broad experience in trading renewable energy, feedstocks and sustainability, being active since 2009. Together at Connex, we navigate in the world of sustainable fuel, renewable products and emision reducing solutions with more strength and effect.

Together we create a reliable and futureproof supply chain, offering considerable CO₂ reduction amongst other positive contributions and limiting climate change. We know where markets meet and are ready to deliver sustainable business and true Green Value.

Our Mission

Speeding up

At Connex you get the chance to speed up the energy transition and to be an active player in the world of renewable fuel. And the time is now, because the quantities of sustainable energy produced today are unlikely to meet our future needs. That is where our challenge lies.

The potential of renewable feedstock has already proven itself. It is our business to find the right, reliable source and lead the way in delivering emissions reducing reductive solutions. We bring parties together along the supply chain. We connect, supply, support, and deliver sustainability. Connex bridges the gap between the markets.

Our Vision

Energizing work

Don’t get us wrong, we take things very seriously. Working hard contributing to a more sustainable future is a goal that can only be reached when you keep an eye on everything and everyone around you. Your family, your health, your career, your team.

Together we can make the difference, bridge the gap. That’s why our eye is also very much on the team as a whole. On open and honest communication. On informal working environment. On creating energy together. And on bouncing back once in a while, with some Dutch brew, casual conversation and laughter

Connex can make the difference


Connex supplies. We collect, transport, and deliver renewable feedstocks-trade globally.


Connex offers operational services to keep the chain intact and the renewable feedstocks flowing.


Connex delivers sustainability. There are no shortcuts on Green Value. We stand for it.

Our Team

Meet our team

Bram is dedicated and his energy is inexhaustible. He doesn’t believe in limitations: “We just need to search, find or adept to a solution and push through the existing boundaries. I firmly believe in the green value of our product, and that with it we can really speed up the energy transition.”

For the past twelve years, Fabian has dedicated his working life to a more sustainable future of fuel, seven of which he was active worldwide in renewable diesel. “At Connex, we have this very energetic and ambitious team, and it is a real joy to scale up together!”

“As a child, I enjoyed walking in the forest, enjoying all the beauty nature offers. What bothered me was the rubbish people left behind, polluting it. How wonderful it is to be still focused on waste and residues, to find innovative solutions and high-quality applications to achieve beautiful things and change the future for the better.”

“I have been working at Connex for a year now, and I love the freedom I get from the team. No day is the same, and there is always room to try something new. In addition, I’ve grown as a person and on a business level…and I’ve got ‘my own’ truck. That is super awesome!”

“Just left a multinational for this awesome project! Being a part of this new business, making a difference by pushing boundaries and challenging each other daily, is such a great feeling! I have a great girlfriend and an adorable daughter of 2 years old, soon to become a sister.”

Fortunate is dedicated to working on the transition towards a circular, regenerative and abundant world. “To build the kind of world we all deserve requires many solutions and different ways of getting there. Connex does its part by connecting waste and the energy transition. It is challenging and rewarding work.”

“Connex’s mission is to help to decarbonize global business and speed up the transition towards a lower carbon future. Connex knows how to navigate in the world of renewable fuel. We offer you our experience in consulting, sourcing, and trading renewable feedstocks for fuel production on all levels.”

“I am intrigued by Connex’s interesting core business, a strong passion for the industry, and immense expertise in the sustainable future of fuel. I am happy to be part of this ambitious scale-up company, and I am sure we can achieve great goals together.”

“My career started in banking as an AML advisor, KYC analyst and as a Quote to Cash operator. There are two things that bind them with my current position in logistics: accuracy and legislation. From the moment I read Connex’s sustainable mission, I knew I wanted to contribute to the future of fuel.”

“I was eager to be in a place in which I can grow personally and where the company also has a place for personal growth and improvement. With amazing leadership and a set goal, Connex is the place where I want to learn, grow and be able to speed up the process in the renewable energy market.”

“Speeding up the energy transition for me is not only about taking care of our environment which of course is very important, but also about diversifying energy sources. I truly believe, investing in our knowledge and experience today will make us independent and sustainable tomorrow.”

“My take on the energy transition is that there are two factors that are crucial for a successful transition: one, security of reliable, affordable, and accessible energy, and two, sustainable and good for the environment. For that to happen, as fast as possible, we need the support of the government to invest into renewable energy and divest from fossil fuel-based products.”

“At Connex we help to build and optimize the supply chain, to develop reliable partnerships, and guarantee sustainability throughout the whole process. I hope that my previous work experience in international trading will help to energize the future together with Connex. Because only as a team we can speed up the transition towards a more sustainable world!”

“My vision about the energy transition is that I see it as something inevitable! There’s no way we can keep on depending on the fossil fuels the way we have done it in the past decades… It’s something just unbearable for our planet. For this reason, I feel very proud to be part of this team, who’s fighting to speed up the transition from this pollutant sources of energy to more sustainable ones.”

Our financial conscious is also part of the management team: “I really enjoy the tribal feeling we have and the open company culture. Connex is special because we really want to make an impact on the world. It’s not only about profit. It’s about having a good business case while contributing to the energy transition. A unique mix of elements (purpose & people) which come together.”

“As a chemical engineer, I consider internal combustion engines as one of science’s greatest achievements, but I have also seen the environmental damage they cause. After two decades in the logistics industry I am very happy to have the opportunity to combine my experience, passion and ideals at Connex. Our innovative way of thinking offers solutions no one else thought of, with 100% transparency.”

Andris combines his academic pursuits in International Business Management with trading experiences at Connex, coming from a background in Supply Chain and Logistics: “I firmly believe that Connex have the power to make a positive impact.The team is united to energize and embracing renewable energy solutions. We are not just traders; we are catalysts for progress, energizing the future.”

“With 12 years of experience in global commodity trading, Connex now allows me to go beyond conventional professional accomplishments. It is deeply motivating and fulfilling to know we can make a difference. We are committed to continuous improvement, adapting to changing market dynamics, and building sustainable supply chain solutions, thus bring an added value to all partnerships.”

Monique’s role is essential in ensuring our team thrives. Her experience in HR in tech and offshore, and her dedication to our mission fits perfectly. “Connex offers a dynamic international work environment and is highly committed to its employees, which resonates with me strongly. It’s very enjoyable and truly fulfilling to be a part of such a warm, ambitious, and dynamically beautiful team.”

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