We energize the future

Connex energizes the future of fuel to speed up the energy transition. At Connex, we build the bridges between the markets to create a sustainable supply chain, and aim for value-added partnership. We offer you our Triple S: Supply, Service, and Sustainability.


Connex supplies

Connex collects, transports, and delivers renewable feedstocks globally. We know where to find suitable renewable waste and residue for any customer. We focus on waste and residues governed by waste and veterinary legislation. Both are well-tried ingredients for good and green quality biofuel. Our business is to find the right, reliable source and deliver these renewable goods to the right producer or manufacturer. In this way, we bring clients together along the supply chain.

Next to known GHG reducing feedstock, we are always searching for new methods and sources. In addition, we continuously keep an eye on advanced feedstocks like sewage silt and regenerative crops to ensure no waste is ever wasted.


Connex services

To our clients and suppliers, we offer operational services to keep the chain intact and renewable feedstocks flowing. To be able to supply and deliver, we guarantee quantity. For suppliers, that means we channel their supply, big and small, to ensure all feedstocks are offered in the right amounts in the right place. For clients, this means we can always meet their demands in variety and quantity.

Connex guarantees quality. Not only do we know where to find the highest quality feedstock, but we also conduct our quality control on every drop of renewable waste and residues we offer. Quality is a guarantee because it would not contribute to speeding up the energy transition without it. And that is our business.

Connex transports tons and tons of renewable feedstocks from and to every continent. Transportation and supply chain management can be tasked in this segregated market. Our operations team optimizes logistics, connecting all dots, means, and documents to get the best, most high-quality delivery and supply.


Connex delivers sustainability

There are no shortcuts on Green Value. We stand for it. Speeding up the energy transition can only be reached by making sure everything we do – all shipments we collect, move, and deliver – are certified sustainable. And it is in everyone’s best interest we do so. We know our way in international governance and legislation and are accredited to deliver all necessary sustainability documents.

Sustainability also means knowing your clients and partners and keeping an open dialogue on all sides of the chain. Transparency in information, documentation, and communication is essential for keeping sustainable partnerships. Together we can build a sustainable supply chain and energize the future of fuel.

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