Connex challenges you to:


and have fun doing so.

Together we energize the future by:

delivering reductive solutions working hard & having fun moving feedstock to fuel connecting different markets growing 100% in 2022 hiring you very soon building sustainable partnerships

Join us now to energize your career, energize our team, energize the future and have fun doing so.

New talent brings new energy. And no energy is wasted here. At Connex we don’t waste anything. Ever. We source, trade, consult and channel the re-use of waste into renewable fuel. Thus, offering considerable CO2 reduction amongst other positive contributions limiting climate change. The worldwide energy transition is ongoing and growing. And so are we. Like our business, our team grows and expands. So, we’re hiring! Connex challenges energizing and ambitious people like you to energize the future and have fun doing so.

We are hiring

Connex is looking for energetic and ambitious people like you to power up our Rotterdam team and scale up our business. Together we speed up the global energy transition. You are very welcome at any time to make yourself known to us as a shimmering new addition to the team. Don’t hesitate to contact us about your thoughts, skills, ambitions, wishes and personal table football highscore. 

Get ready to energize yourself, the team and the future!

Fulltime (40u) Parttime (32u)

Working in the Connex team means we enable you to work on:

Your personal ambition to grow where you want to go, on your own terms.

Our team’s ambition to become a powerful partner within the renewable supply chain.

Our shared ambition to make a difference for a better and cleaner future.

Our Mission

Speeding up

At Connex you get the chance to speed up the energy transition and to be an active player in the world of renewable fuel. And the time is now, because the quantities of sustainable energy produced today are unlikely to meet our future needs. That is where our challenge lies. The potential of renewable feedstock has already proven itself. It is our business to find the right, reliable source and lead the way in delivering reductive solutions. We bring clients together along the supply chain. We connect, supply, support, and deliver. Connex bridges the gap.

Our Vision

Energizing work

Don’t get us wrong, we take things very seriously. Working hard contributing to a more sustainable future is a goal that can only be reached when you keep eye on everything and everyone around you. Your family, your health, your career, your team. Together we can make the difference, bridge the gap. That’s why our eye is also very much on the team as a whole. On open and honest communication. An informal working environment. On creating energy together. And on bouncing back once in a while, with some Dutch brew, casual conversation and laughter.

Join us to energize your career, energize our team and energize the future while having fun together, big time!

Why join us?

“Working hard and having fun doing so, we speed up the energy transition as a team.”

Get ready for a day at Connex

Match Day

Becoming a part of our team means an old-skool job interview will not do. We invite our applicants to join us on Connex Match Day!

As a member of the Connex team you get the change to develop yourself on a professional and personal level. You actively reinforce our team with your expertise, knowledge, ideas, strength, energy and humour. And thirdly, you’ll have a leading role in our shared ambition to make a difference for the future of us all. Our business is unlike any other. So are we. We are expanding rapidly, which means we look for men and women, guys and girls who really take ownership of their part, while enjoyably operating as a team.

Match Day is a day at Connex filled with opportunity. Meeting the team, getting to know the business and each other along the way. Together with all other preselected applicants, we’ll meet in Rotterdam. There you will meet with other applicants and work on assessments together. Off course we’ll have a serious one-on-one conversation to discover the mutual match on a professional and personal level. Being Connex, we’ll also have an informal drink (or two).

So it’s a field day at Connex of talking, energizing, laughing and – who knows – if we match best, signing on.

From application to energizer 

After your application, we contact you for an online meeting. Then we select a group of eager and professional candidates like you for the selection process. resulting in an invitation to:

Match Day! This inspiring day @ Connex consists of:

  • Great second impressions
  • Company presentation
  • Selection Interviews
  • Team assessment
  • Informal Drinks

Expect feedback or even a contract within 2 days afterwards.

Practical information

All details will be shared with all selected candidates later.
We sincerely hope on seeing you this coming Match Day!