Terms we own: supply chain

Connex bridges the gap. We say it, we claim it, we do it. But what gap are we talking about and how does that work? Well, let’s start by explaining the way our green valued product travels along all parts of the supply chain.

A supply chain is a network from source to production. That is the short version. A supply chain comprises of (the whole of) individuals, companies, stakeholders, resources and activities needed to produce a product from start to finish. This involves sourcing, supplying, transportation, delivery and every step in between.

A decent, effective supply chain should consist of reliable stakeholders and preferably predictable steps. Of course, completely eliminating unpredictabilities in our market would be an illusion. And no supply chain is the same. The basics are theoretically similar, but the steps, the players and their quality requirements are constantly different.

Good thing we have things firmly in hand, have great insight and tight partnerships. At Connex we make sure we maximize options and minimize uncertainties. We lead the way.

The supply chain we own consists of two different parts. The part that starts at the oil and fuel company’s demand for renewable product and the part that starts at the renewable waste and feedstock supply. Combined with the utmost importance of certification and legislation to guarantee green value, you could say we need to own the term supply chain.

Our mission? We do own it. It is an essential part of the way we energize the future of fuel.

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