Terms we own: KYC

18 November 2022

Know Your Client. We own it, and at Connex, it’s something we do. Naturally.
Not only in a social manner but primarily as a guarantee. To ensure the business we do is
right and because we genuinely believe there is no other way of doing business in the first
place. By thoroughly knowing our clients on both the renewable feedstock supply and
renewable fuel production sides.

KYC is often used as Know Your Customer/ Client, especially in the financial business. But we are
in the business of renewable fuel. In the business of bridging a gap by bringing two parts of a
chain together. Two different non-homogenous working fields, but when done right, create the
“green value” of why we are getting out of bed in the morning.

So, to know our client means we need to know several crucial elements before we can do
business. Every new client is checked and onboarded: Do we know “who” they are?

  • Receipt of completed KYC form
  • Check company house ID
  • Sustainability/ Veterinary Certificates
  • Check VAT
  • Check IBAN
  • Check Background trader/ owners
  • Supporting documents: Policy and Sustainability

To classify the quality and performance of the supplier, we look at the supply structure and the
chains in between. This is crucial to get the correct quantity and quality of renewable feedstocks
and important to guarantee green value along the supply chain.

Typical we do the following steps:

  • Site visits
  • Regular sample check
  • Sustainability report/ audit checks

On the other side of the gap, we know what our clients want and need to mix the right amounts
of renewable products to produce excellent and clean renewable fuel. So you see, it is our
business to know. Naturally, our KYC process is one of our focus points in onboarding new

And, of course, we update all profiles and relations because that is key to turning a renewable
supply chain into an effective and sustainable one. That is how we bridge the gap and energise
the future of fuel here!

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