Terms we own: ISCC EU

Sustainability is becoming increasingly important in our society, and this is also the case at Connex. At Connex, we take pride in our Green Value, which focuses on finding the right sources of renewable raw materials, transporting them across different borders by land and sea and delivering them to the right customer for the production of sustainable fuels. However, sustainability needs to be validated to ensure the true green value of raw materials and fuels. This validation is achieved when they are sustainably certified.

One of those certifications is the ISCC EU. This certificate has been developed to ensure sustainable production of biomass, biofuels, and other renewable raw materials in Europe. At Connex, we are actively involved in the trade of renewable raw materials and fuels and see the importance of sustainability. By obtaining the ISCC EU certificate, we have demonstrated that we adhere to the stringent sustainability and environmental standards required for certification. This provides our customers with certainty and confidence in the sustainability of our products.

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