Terms we own: certification

19 September 2022

Our business contains a lot of terms that we own, that may be unknown to others. And that is precisely why we clarify things. In this case sustainability and certification.

At Connex we deliver Green Value. We find the right source of renewable feedstock, transport it over land and sea across several boarders and deliver the product at the right client’s facility for the production of sustainable fuel. But sustainability needs to be validated. So the real Green Value of feedstocks and fuels gets added along the way when certified sustainable. Some to international standards, some by national legislated and some specifically per shipment or product. A maze of tests and paperwork. But not for us.

At Connex we know our way in international governance and legislation and are accredited to deliver all necessary sustainability documents. Certified from feedstock to fuel, with proof of all documentation.

Certification & Legislation
Ever seen this: ISCC EU? It’s the markets standard certification. It guarantees sustainability throughout the supply chain, from first pick up to final destination. An independent agency checks on all possible accounts to ISCC so Connex is a certified sustainability partner. To keep things a bit complicated, next to an EU standard there are domestic schemes as well, like INS – Italian National Scheme – in which Connex is certified too for delivering tallow for instance. Naturally, Dutch, UK, French and other rules are followed too.

Legislation is big factor. The green stamp (so to speak) as mentioned above alone is not enough. To
authorize shipments and trade renewable feedstock, we also have to comply with all legal obligations. In the Netherlands we have strict governance on waste and residues. Veterinary NVWA Cat1/2/3 are categories of veterinary by-product, like animal fats. Like UCO (used cooking oils), these three categories have their own laws and regulations on transportation, handling and processing. And of course, import duties, taxes, export regulations etcetera differ per border while transporting sustainable product.

No shortcuts on green value
Quite a large part of our service exists in knowing the right way in this legal paperwork. Sustainability is not an established fact, it is a validated guarantee. To deliver high quality sustainability, the road may not be always be the fastest straight line from A to B, but a well-documented route along several thorough
checkups, lab samples, signatures and authorization. And that is a good thing too: because there are no
shortcuts on Green Value.

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