Connex energizes the future of fuel

Connex energizes the future of fuel

Connex energizes the future of fuel by speeding up the global energy transition. We bridge the gap between renewable waste feedstock and sustainable fuel. The quantities of sustainable energy produced today are unlikely to meet our future needs. The time to act is now. It is our business to find the right, reliable source and lead the way in delivering reductive solutions. We bring clients together along the supply chain. We connect, supply, support, and deliver.

"Connex bridges the gap between renewable feedstocks and fuel."


Speeding up the energy transition from within the chain.

We supply, service & deliver sustainability solutions.

Deliver flexibility and solutions
  • Independent partner with an unpickable reputation and network
  • Creating new product pathways, fast and smart
  • Transparent in communications and execution
Reliable experienced team
  • Over 15 years of experience
  • Blending knowledge, quality and technology
  • Consultancy, logistics, sourcing and trading
100% Compliance without any compromise
  • Cooperating closely with suppliers on documentation
  • Use new IT solutions to comply with legislations
  • Active in government / industry working groups
Create partnerships
  • Unlocking small and medium-sized markets
  • Focus on quality, quantity and flexibility of supply chains
  • Supportive to the business and our clients

Futureproof supply chains

Trading with high level service

Connex combines years of experience in trading and sustainability in fuel and feedstock markets.

At Connex we don’t waste anything. Ever. We source, trade, consult and channel the re-use of waste into sustainable fuel. We speed up the energy transition by bridging the gap between feedstock and fuel.

Separately our directors have been active in trading, feedstocks and sustainability since 2009. Combined in Connex we navigate through the world of sustainable fuel with more strength and effect.Together we create a reliable and futureproof supply chain, offering considerable CO₂ reduction amongst other positive contributions limiting climate change. We know where markets meet and we’re ready to deliver sustainable business.

Wanna know more about our purpose?

Connex can make the difference


Connex supplies. We collect, transport, and deliver renewable feedstocks-trade globally.


Connex offers operational services to keep the chain intact and the renewable feedstocks flowing.


Connex delivers sustainability. There are no shortcuts on Green Value. We stand for it.

Connex explains

Let's meet

Working together is key in creating solutions for CO2 reduction and other positive contributions limiting climate change. Meet our team of energizers and find out why we work together so well.

Join our mission

Connex energizes the future of fuel to speed up the (worldwide) energy transition. Join us in building bridges to create a sustainable supply chain.


Work together

To speed up the global energy transition we need to work closely together all along the supply chain.

We believe in the power of sustainable partnerships with all clients, suppliers, third parties, stakeholders…and you!


Join the team

Connex challenges energizing and ambitious people like you to energize the future and have fun doing so.

Join us now to energize your career, our team & our shared ambitions for a sustainable future together.


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At Connex, we don’t waste anything. Ever. Spreading the word helps to get the message and urgency of carbon reduction and our part in the solution across.

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