The green green gas of ConNRG

12 October 2023

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With our knowledge and yearslong experience in the biodiesel supply chain we have extended our services in order to accelerate the energy transition even more. After our yearslong focus on fuel we teamed up in the RNG market. Our new company ConNRG is born. With this company we move renewable resources meant for biogas to generate electricity. Now we can proudly add: We supply, service and deliver sustainability to the biogas market.

The Triple S in biogas

With ConNRG [pronounced ‘connergy’] we help to reduce carbon emissions in transportation and industry, cities, and houses by providing feedstocks for production of biogas. The growing need for this biogas, or better biomethane, drives the need for sustainable feedstocks being all kinds of organic rest steams from feed-, food and not to forget biodiesel production. Biomethane producers have need for a secure and flexible supply of feedstock in a transparent manner and with watertight system of having the right renewable feedstock to enable production and sell renewable (bio) methane. As such they can fulfill the big demand of green energy from all kinds of industries in need of decarbonizing their processes, from well-known food brands up to the worlds big datacenters.

Like Connex does on the biodiesel market, ConNRG is set to trade in quality renewables to produce biomethane with Triple S service. Supplying feedstocks, feedstock security and flexibility, organize excellent logistics, certification, documentation and upgrading, give full support on de-risking and sustainability value in a transparent manner. Supply and service to deliver maximum sustainability every step of the way. All meant to energize the future at the lowest carbon intensity. For everyone.

The team & their target

ConNRG is very much on top of the legislation involved and trading sources in this supply chain. The new biogas team services all needs and wishes of both supplier and producer together to enable the production of biomethane based energy, adding green value. Both directors, Roel Keursten and Roel van Haeren come from an agricultural background and have many years of agribusiness and green valued development experience.
Their target: “Some fifteen years ago fermentation was an upcoming way of giving some extra value to organic rest streams. Now, biomethane production is the way of decarbonization and reaching the EU sustainability and 35bcm biomethane goals. That is where our team wants to be successful.”

Good luck Roel & Roel, you’ve got this. Now let’s energize the future together!
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