Bridging the gap between renewable feedstocks and fuel.

Connex leads the way

Opportunities for creating sustainable fuel are many. In a world where fuel consumption keeps on growing, the call for a sustainable energy transition grows along with it. The potential of renewable feedstock as a source towards a sustainable future has already proven itself in past years. Still the challenge is to find the right and reliable source. Connex can lead the way.

Connex bridges the gap between renewable feedstocks and fuel.


Connex facilitates from within the chain.

We connect, supply, 
support & deliver.

Deliver flexibility
and solutions

  • Reliable business partner with a unpickable reputation and network
  • Creating new product pathways, fast and smart
  • Transparent in communication and execution
  • Supportive to the business and our Clients
Reliable experienced Team

  • Over 15 year of experience
  • Blending, quality and technology
  • Supply chain logistics
  • Trading feedstock
  • Consultancy and advice
  • Sourcing and Trading of feedstock
  • Independent and flexible
100% Compliance without any compromise

  • Cooperating closely with suppliers on documentation
  • Use new IT solutions to comply with legislations
  • Active in government/ industry working groups

  • Unlocking small and medium-sized markets
  • Focus on quality, quantity an flexibility of supply chains
  • Deliver reliable solutions

Futureproof supply chains

Trading with high level service

Connex combines years of experience in trading and sustainability in fuel and feedstock markets.

Since 2005 we know how to navigate in the world of renewable fuel. We offer you our experience in consulting, sourcing and trading of renewable feedstocks for fuel production on all levels. Together we create a reliable and futureproof supply chain within the whole ecosystem of sustainable fuel. Connex knows where markets meet and we’re ready to deliver sustainable business.

Connex can make the difference

Sustainable supply

Consulting and Support

Market intelligence and pricing

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    Bridging the gap between renewable waste feedstock and fuel.


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