Do you know what GHG stands for?

Our business contain a lot of terms that we own, but not known to everyone. And that is precisely why we clarify things for you!

GHG stands for Greenhouse Gas. Greenhouse gases are gases in the Earth’s atmosphere that have the ability to absorb and gradually release heat radiation. As a result, they contribute to the retention of heat in the atmosphere and thus to global warming. The more greenhouse gases, the more heat is retained. One of the best-known greenhouse gases is COโ‚‚. A gas that is released during the combustion of fossil fuels.

We can do something about the release of this COโ‚‚. Because with Connex we create a reliable and futureproof supply chain, offering considerable COโ‚‚ reduction amongst other positive contributions limiting climate change. We know where markets meet and we’re ready to deliver sustainable business. We bridge the gap between renewable waste feedstock and sustainable fuel.

We energize the future of fuel!

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